Uncovering Clay Art Events in Omaha, Nebraska

Are you searching for clay art events in Omaha, Nebraska? Look no further! The Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts has teamed up with Creative Clay to present a new exhibition of its member artists, “Paintings Inspired by the Performing Arts”. Before beginning their artistic creation, the artists were exposed to Beethoven's music, the history of opera, Beethoven's life and his years in Vienna, and the history of German and Viennese art. This collaboration with Arts4All Florida, Theater Exceptional and Creative Clay will feature art galleries, open mic nights, theater performances, dance shows, movies and social opportunities for fun and networking. The Performing Arts exhibition at Creative Clay's Good Folk Gallery showcases paintings by Creative Clay artists, inspired by the performing arts. The Creative Clay artists have created art inspired by women artists in art history.

They have the power to become active, active artists who create, exhibit and sell their artwork at the Good Folk Gallery and at locations across Tampa Bay. If you're looking for more events related to clay art in Omaha, Nebraska, there are plenty of options available. You can check out local galleries and museums for upcoming exhibitions or attend workshops hosted by local organizations. You can also join a clay art club or take classes at a local college or university. Additionally, you can attend festivals and fairs that feature clay art or visit online forums to connect with other clay artists. If you need more information about upcoming events related to clay art in Omaha, Nebraska, you can contact the Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts or Creative Clay.

They can provide you with more information about upcoming exhibitions and workshops. Additionally, they can provide you with resources to help you find other events related to clay art in Omaha. Uncovering upcoming events related to clay art in Omaha, Nebraska is easy when you know where to look. With the help of the Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts and Creative Clay, you can find plenty of opportunities to explore your passion for clay art. So don't wait any longer - start exploring today!.

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