Unlock the Creative Possibilities of Clay Art Classes in Omaha, Nebraska

Are you looking for pottery classes near you in Omaha, Nebraska? Look no further than Kimba's Touch Pottery and SayDoSay Pottery Studio. Both offer a variety of classes for people over 14 years old, no experience needed. Whether you're interested in a one-on-one class, a workshop, or a group class, these studios have the equipment, tools, materials, and instruction needed to help you unlock the creative possibilities that clay has to offer. The Kroc Center in Omaha is a community center affiliated with the Salvation Army in Omaha, Nebraska, that offers a variety of educational, sports, religious, artistic and support programs for residents of the area.

Earning a Fine Arts degree at UNL was an exciting journey that led to teaching art in Lincoln public schools for almost a decade. Adventure in Art is an art education provider located in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, serving the surrounding Omaha area. The owner Beth O'Hanlon is certified in teaching art and education for the gifted and has been teaching in the area for more than twenty years. The studio is a creative space where adults and children can explore the arts through group or individual classes in ceramics, glass fusion, drawing, painting and sculpture. The center provides instruction for youth and adults in the areas of water sports, health and wellness, sports, arts and music, life skills and activities for the elderly.

Omaha Home School Learning Center is an arts education provider located at 124th Street and Center and serves the greater Omaha region. In addition to teaching art, Sara is also an artist in her own right and creates many paintings, prints and recycled works in her spare time. Heart and Soul Art Studio is a home art studio and art education provider located in Bennington, Nebraska. The center offers fine art classes in ceramics, drawing and painting so that citizens can create their first masterpieces.

JJ is currently taking GeneD classes at Southeast Community College and, in his spare time, enjoys exploring nature reserves, tracking deer, creating collages and experimenting with other forms of art. The Kroc Center understands that immersing a child in artistic and educational programming is a great way to prepare them for a more rewarding life. Owner Jenny Hare has degrees in elementary and arts education and teaches students of all ages in her 800 square foot work studio. Learn the art of working with lamps, a method of heating and shaping glass with a torch, either in a basic beadmaking class or in an introductory session to borosilicate glass. Classes are available throughout the year and there is a list of classes available on the Adventure in Art website.

Hot Shops Art Center is a space for galleries and an art class provider located in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. If you're looking to explore your creative side through clay art classes near you in Omaha, Nebraska then you have plenty of options available to you. From Kimba's Touch Pottery to SayDoSay Pottery Studio to Adventure In Art to Hot Shops Art Center - there are plenty of places offering classes for adults with no experience needed. Whether you're interested in one-on-one classes or group classes - these studios have all the equipment, tools, materials and instruction needed to help you unlock the creative possibilities that clay has to offer.

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