Exploring Clay Art Festivals in Omaha, Nebraska

Pamela Vargas is an Omaha, Nebraska-based artist who has devoted her life to the art of clay. She holds a degree in Studio Art from the University of Nebraska-Omaha, a master's degree in organizational leadership from the College of Saint Mary and a master's degree in teaching from the College of Saint Mary. Her work has been showcased in numerous galleries and museums across the Midwest, and her book Choose Your Days won the Nebraska Children's Picture Book Award and was featured at the National Book Festival in Washington D. C.

Hugo Zamorano is another Omaha-based artist who specializes in graffiti and hip hop. He currently works as a freelance animator, illustrator, designer and interactive experience creator from his studio in Omaha. He is involved with several community art organizations such as A Midsummer's Mural, Why Arts and the Nebraska Arts Council's roster of artists in schools and communities. Keys has worked as an art director for Electronic Arts and Gameloft in the video game industry, publishing multiple titles for consoles and mobile devices.

He has also been a teaching artist at the Joslyn Art Museum and is part of the Nebraska Arts Council's list of artists in communities and schools. Barber graduated cum laude from the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Iowa and uses interdisciplinary artistic practices to express various testimonies related to black America. He is currently on the Nebraska Arts Council's list of artists and has mentored the Joslyn Art Museum through the Kent Bellow Mentoring Program. If you're looking to explore clay art festivals in Omaha, Nebraska, you're in luck! The city is home to many festivals that celebrate this practice. The LSU baseball team will begin playing in the University World Series on Saturday night in Omaha, Nebraska.

For nearly five decades, these festivals have been promoting art within the Omaha metropolitan area by utilizing local talent. You can find out more about these festivals by visiting local galleries or museums that feature clay art exhibitions. You can also check out websites such as A Midsummer's Mural or Why Arts for more information about upcoming events. Additionally, you can contact local organizations such as the Nebraska Arts Council or Joslyn Art Museum for more information about clay art festivals.

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