Uncovering Local Organizations that Foster and Support Clay Art in Omaha, Nebraska

Are you searching for a talented artist to engage your students? Or maybe a seasoned musician for your community event? The possibilities are endless with our artist list, which includes Nebraska artists from multiple disciplines who are available for hire. We provide virtual and in-person classes (as safety allows) for clay enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Whether you have never touched clay before or are a veteran ceramic artist looking to learn new techniques, we have something for everyone. We also have classes specifically designed for children who don't attend after-school programs.

At Hot Shops, there is a special kind of enchantment that can be hard to explain. This is due to our service-driven artists who strive to be better artists and demonstrate a humility and work ethic that welcome you in. Many of them have what some would call “real jobs” that help them accomplish their creative dreams here. At The Clay Studio, you can find a selection of ceramics, crockery, decorations, jewelry and works of art in all colors and prices.

Your purchase directly supports the artists and operations of The Clay Studio, so you can feel good about your purchase. This summer, the Northern Clay Center will investigate the archives of the permanent collection and will bring to light significant works of ceramic art for the public to observe. Hot Shop artists offer immersive and experiential learning opportunities, creating a truly unique arts organization and significantly enhancing Omaha's vibrant arts community.

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