Exploring Omaha's Clay Art Scene: A Guide to the City's Creative Community

Omaha, Nebraska is home to a vibrant and interconnected clay art scene, with plenty of places to explore and experience the art of the city. From the Darger headquarters to the Hot Shops Art Center, there are many opportunities to discover the creative works of local and international artists. The Benson neighborhood in north-central Omaha is an established art district, as is Vinton Street in south Omaha and the Old Market in downtown. Independent galleries and boutiques are also hidden throughout the city.

The Darger headquarters is one of the most popular spots for art lovers, showcasing works by international and local artists, including Omaha sculptor Luke Severson. The event includes an outdoor art market in summer, which offers 20 to 30 manufacturers' stands to sell anything from jewelry to sculptures. The Hot Shops Art Center is another great place to explore. During open studio events, they present demonstrations on glass at the Crystal Forge Glass Studio.

In winter, the outdoor market goes into hibernation, but many works are still on display indoors, in stores such as Paperdoll Vintage Boutique. The Joslyn Art Museum is one of the city's main attractions, but it will remain closed for renovations until 2024. However, art lovers can still visit other local sites that offer a variety of creative works. In addition to galleries and commissioned works, Jasmine has been a featured artist in The Omaha Street of Dreams and combines her works of art with the real estate sector by using her paintings in luxury homes as a showcase for many of her works. In the Old Market area, gallerist Larry Roots exhibits sculptures in a variety of media at Modern Arts Midtown in monthly exhibitions. Another smaller but equally vital venue is Omaha Clayworks, which offers classes, studio space for active artists and a small store. Omaha's top art institutions such as the Joslyn Art Museum, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, and Kaneko also help support the craft scene. Thanks to its affordable cost of living, Omaha offers artisans the opportunity to more easily dedicate themselves to their art full time. I attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln where I majored in Fine Arts but didn't finish my degree.

After retiring from earning a living in the world for 8 to 5 years I intensified my painting, sought an artistic community and participated in organized and juried art exhibitions. Gregory is also the marketing president of the board of directors of the Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards and is the producer of the annual awards ceremony. I enjoy experiencing nature in my spare time and many of my pieces are directly influenced by this time in nature. Here I discovered for myself the power of Montessori and the incredible connection between art and mathematics in Montessori mathematics and geometry, and this is my next path in artistic exploration.

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